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WOOX Solarni panel za Woox Smart kamere,microUSB (R5188)


WOOX Solarni panel za Woox Smart kamere, microUSB (R5188)

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– With this solar panel, your battery security camera will always work, without having to charge it separately!
– Environment friendly product, green energy supported
– Includes protection cover for R9045 type camera
– Enables sun-effective positioning with 2 meters micro USB camera charging cable

– With this solar panel for the battery security camera or doorbell you no longer need mains power to charge the camera or doorbell.
– You charge the battery using solar energy.
– The solar on your security camera only needs a few hours of sun to operate continuously!
– Mount the solar panel near your battery outdoor camera or doorbell in a place exposed to the sun.

– R5188 solar panel
– 2 meter Micro USB charging cable
– Brackets + screws
– Multi-language user manual

– Output power: DC 5V, 3W
– Power cord length: 2 m
– Waterproof: IP65
– Dimension: 120×173×14.5mm
– Connector: Micro USB
– Working temperature: -10C to 50C
– Working humidity: <95% RH