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WOOX ZigBee Smart univerzalni IR daljinski upravljač sa senzorom temperature i vlage (R7246)


WOOX ZigBee Smart univerzalni IR daljinski upravljač sa senzorom temperature i vlage (R7246)

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– Easy to use Wi-Fi based device
– Supported by voice control devices based on Amazon Alexa and Google Home
– Powered by world’s largest IR database: Remotec
– 3-in-1 multi functional device for a smarter and healtier environment
– R7246 is a compact smart IR remote with integrated temperature and humidity sensor, your ideal compagnon for a comfortable and healthy home. The IR remote function combines multiple infrared remotes into this one smart device. The integrated temperature and humidity sensors will detect the temperature and humidity data every 5 seconds and upload it to the WOOX Home app. You ensure both the humidity and temperature inside your home or office stay without healthy levels to ensure a smart and healthy environment.

– The R7246 comes with an easy to install and stable bracket so you can put the R7246 wherever you like on a flat surface. Inside the package you also find a metal plate with 3M tape so whenever you like to stick the R7246 on a wall, device or other area you are able to do so without using the holding bracket.-

– The R7246 is powered by the included USB-C cable (150cm) that you can insert in the USB-C to AC power adapter which goes into any AC power outlet.

No Subscriptions, No Separate Hub
– Run the WOOX smart IR remote with integrated temperature and humidity sensor through your existing home Wi-Fi network with no need for a separate hub or paid subscription service, set up is easy as 1,2,3.

Amazon Alexa and Google Home support
– The WOOX R7246 works with voice control devices by Amazon Alexa & Google Home.

– Product Dimension: 70*70*18.5 mm
– Net Weight: 220 gram
– Power Cable Length: USB-C 1.5m
– Housing Material: PC Housing + ABS Base bracket
– Housing Color: White
– Hosing Flame Retardance: UL94 V-2
– Ingress Protection(IP): IP20
– Number Of Infrared Lamp Beads: 6 pcs
– Main Control Chipset: GD32E230F8V6
– WiFi Module: CBU (2.4G WiFi + Bluetooth)
– WiFi Wireless Frequency: 2412 MHz ~ 2472 MHz
– Wireless Standard: Wi-Fi IEEE 802.11 b/g/n
– BT Wireless Frequency: 2400 MHz ~ 2483.5 MHz
– BT Version: 5,2
– Antenna Gain (dBi): 2.21dBi
– Power Supply: DC 5V/1A
– Working Power Consumption: 0.2W
– Standby Power Consumption: 0.1W (display screen off)
– Temperature Accuracy of APP: ±0.3°C
– Temperature Accuracy of Display Screen: 0.5°C is the minimum display unit
– Humidity Accuracy of APP: ±3%RH
– Humidity Accuracy of Display Screen: 0.5% is the minimum display unit
– Detecting Time: Detect every 5 seconds
– Infrared Frequency: 0-455 KHz
– IR Control Distance Horizontal direction?8m, the direction over against device: 10m (affected by the envirnoment)
– IR Learning Distance: The direction over against device?30mm, angle ±45° (affected by the environment)
– IR Database: Remotec
– Working Temperature: 0°C ~ 40°C
– Working Humidity: 0 ~ 99%RH (no condensation)
– Display Brightness Control: On / Off Switch
– Temperature Unit: °C / °F
– Temperature Alarm: Support
– Humidity Alarm: Support
– DIY Mode: Support

– Device Connection
* Power on for the first time: ‘WiFi’ Light Off
* Waiting for connection: ‘WiFi’ Light Flashing
* Bad WiFi Network: ‘WiFi’ Red Light Flashing
* Device Online: ‘WiFi’ Light Always On
* Device Offline: ‘WiFi’ Light Off

– Infrared Control:
* Infrared Signal Emission: White Light flashes 1 times
* Infrared Learning: White Light On
* Infrared Learning Succeeded: White Light flashes 2 times
* Infrared Learning Failed: White Light flashes 6 times

Package includes:
– R7246
– USB type-C cable 150cm
– Reset pin x 1
– Iron plate with 3M tape
– USB-C to AC power adapter
– Multi language manual