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WOOX WiFi Smart senzor za vrata i prozore,Woox Home smart app,glasovna kontrola – Alexa & Google Assistant

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WOOX WiFi Smart senzor za vrata i prozore, Woox Home smart app, glasovna kontrola – Alexa & Google Assistant


Opis proizvoda

– Here is our new high quality Smart WiFi Door and Window Sensor with item code R4966
– It is a welcome addition to our succesful WOOX product line up in Europe
– The device is made out of the very best and durable materials ensuring a long time working and the best possible performance
– The R4966 Sensor can be used in multiple ways for security and automation

– For security you can install it directly at a door- or window
– Place the main body at your door- or window frame and the magnet slim part on the door- or window itself
– When the sensor is activated and your door- or window opens you will get a direct alarm alert through the WOOX Home app on your mobile phone knowing that someone is entering your door- or window at that direct moment

– You can use the R4966 sensor as automation instrument in combination with other WOOX devices
– For example you can set up the R4966 as sensor for your lighting, install the R4966 on your door frame and set up the automation in the WOOX Home app with a WOOX smart bulb or LED strip which is in the room you wish to automatically light up
– When you open your door the WOOX lighting will light up
– But you can also use it with regular lights which are connected to a WOOX smart plug or smart powerstrip
– The R4966 sensor you connect in the WOOX Home app as automation with that smart plug or smart powerstrip

– The R4966 works on 2× AAA batteries which are already supplied in the retail package
– The R4966 has a ultra-low power consumption and the batteries working will last for around 6 months on moreless 20 openings of the sensor a day
– When your batteries are running low you will get a automatic alert through your WOOX Home app in order for you to swap the batteries on time and ensure a continous working of the device in your smart home environment

– You can attach the R4966 in two different ways on your door- or window
– First way is by the 3M tape which is supplied in the package
– Second way is by the 4 screws which are supplied in the package

– Same as all other WOOX devices the R4966 operates with Amazon Alexa & Google Assistant